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“No bird soars too high,
when he (or she) soars with
his (or her) own wings.”
William Blake

Imagine being capable, confident and in control of your own life.


Feeling empowered and brave enough to follow your own path in life and know you already have everything you need to realise your own unique potential.


Not thinking there is something wrong with you for wanting to be different.
Or that you need to be like everyone else and do as everyone else, in order to fit in and be accepted.


That’s what From The Fire's vision is all about. Teen clothing designs from slogan and graphic tees, sweatshirts and hoodies each one designed to empower self-belief and self-confidence to just BE YOU. Love yourself & life inspired clothing.

Our Inspiration

From the ancient saying 'like a phoenix from the ashes'. From The Fire's name is founded on the belief that no matter what challenges life throws at you, when we learn to love ourselves and become more accepting of the people around us, we each have the potential to rise ‘from the fire’ to become capable and confidence in our own unique way.

Niamh Scott

Keeping our blog filled with cool stuff on everything from teen style to selfies to sharing stories about every day teen life.

Debbie Evran

Founder, designer and teen mental health advocate. Passionate about empowering today's teens to be and live authentically.